Countdown to the Keys!

Countdown to the Keys!

We leave in less than a month!

Even with our love of beaches and the tropics, the Florida Keys is our favorite destination!

Despite my growing up in northeast FL, and Andy’s spending some childhood summers in south FL, somehow neither of us had ever visited the Keys. So there was no question where we would spend our honeymoon last April…. and we loved it!

Florida Keys

Florida Keys

So last July, Andy booked reservations at Curry Hammock State Park for our vacation this year. Most of the state parks in the Keys fill up fast, and June was the earliest available.

It’s coming fast, so it’s time to prepare!

Here’s the To Do list:

1. Meals! While we will eat out some to experience the fantastic local seafood and key lime pie, one big advantage of RV’ing is doing your own meal planning. Eating out for every meal on vacation is definitely hard on both the diet and the wallet! Plus with the RV, we don’t have to get up and venture out onto A1A three times a day.

That being said, I’ve already described my perspective on cooking, and RVs don’t have very spacious kitchens, so meals have to be simple. Besides, there’s lots of other things we’ll be busy doing… like paddleboarding, sightseeing and hammock-laying! So I’ve got some tried-and-true travel recipes in my blue notebook that I’ll share as the plan comes together, but I’d like to hear of some new ones that you love so, please, send me your favorite one!

2. Prepping the RV-We have a 2001 Coachmen Class C which is in great shape overall but with a bit of age on it, it’s got minor issues we need to fix. Last year we discovered it had a leaky front window, which Andy removed and re-sealed. This worked…. mostly, so he’s still looking for a way that will work completely! With the discovery of the leak came the realization that the upper bed (ours!) had to be replaced, along with the curtains in that area and the privacy curtain, all of which were musty.

3.Paddleboard Prep-This takes two forms… finding the best way to transport them and keep them secure at night, and getting comfortable enough on them to get the most out of our trip! We just picked the sport up last year and while it was easy to learn the most basic aspects, knowing some key techniques like turning in less than a 50 yard radius and changing foot-stances with some agility will make our paddleboarding in the Keys completely enjoyable!

4. Activities-We have some things we know we want to do, places we want to go, things we want to see, but we’d love input from those who’ve been there and have inside knowledge or special favorites! What do you recommend as a must-do?

So come along and follow us as we get ready and head the Keys!

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